Surin ruler Raja Tesa Phuket (The original magical peacock Gul) who discovered and named the island. Surin Islands When you survey Andaman Sea at Ko Phra Thong. Kuraburi until December 30, 2514 the Forest Department declared the islands. The National Forest Surin Islands is an archipelago located in the Andaman Sea and adjacent to the border with Burma. From the west coast of Thailand, about 70 km north of Ko Surin island is composed of five islands. Koh Surin Island and the South Island of Koh Surin National Park with an area of approximately 84,375 hectares or 135 square kilometers.
Surin Island Has been declared a national park on June 29, July 9, 2524 with an area of 135 square kilometers (84,357 acres), is the island’s remaining 24 percent consists of 5 Sea island of Koh Surin Nua. Ko Surin Tai Island Resort (stock or Flashing) island (a capacity of ambassador or dragon) and Island (pour la Torre) Nearby is a stone raft and rock piles. And east The island, about 14 kilometers away from a pile of rock, water, famous for its scuba diving trip named Cheryl, are appended to the Surin Islands
ecosystem – biodiversity.
Surin Island Is not just a place frequented by tourists visiting garrisons fun Ah ha only. Surin Island, but also a place which has not been invaluable. The natural heritage It is also a source of knowledge for everyone. A collection of natural plant and wildlife species. You could say that Surin Islands It is completely natural, pure class A collection of ecosystems, from tropical rain forests, beaches, mangroves and coral reefs to flatter. Which is the most diverse ecosystems in the sea. With a territory that covers both the sea and the forest floor is the most complete. So there is a very high biodiversity. Since the world’s largest fish, the whale shark as far as rare birds. Chipmunk Adventure Ghost Nicobar animals, including mammals, such as certain that glide back and forth to see each other often, so there is no reason why the visit would damage or even destroy the infestation. Homeowners like the blowing of a small
nature trail
Surin Islands Trail distance of about 2 km from the office. The wooden beach beauty The journey should take a trip – at least 2 hours to absorb the culmination of a route that includes a variety of rainforest to reef in one place. Need YOU to everyone visiting the island to come.
Fisherman Island “Morgan” is a community of nomadic tribes that still maintain the original traditions as possible. The current settlers Surin Bay Area Sai end of the bay is a cultural bond. And the lifestyle of the indigenous peoples. To visit
Attractions and things to do
– North Surin Island. The site of the Surin Island is home to a restaurant, snorkelling equipment and boat. North Surin Island tourism is dented around the bay. Each of these vast, beautiful and peaceful and peaceful spot where tourists camp most is the lack of space in front of the bay. Opposite the island And also watch the sunsets are beautiful. Followed by the north beach at Ao Mai Ngam courtyard of the bay to the other boat from the Gulf as it takes about 45 minutes boat ride
– Ko Surin Tai. There are several interesting points. You must take a boat to the island from the north only. Most of the activities and snorkelling around the island is dominated by the Gulf Suthep Bay turnips and where visitors have the opportunity to see the turtle is the most Koh Tao
– diving islands have dive deep beautiful, especially. the most prominent is. Cairn water almost named Richelieu, which was appended to the Surin Island. This pile of stones from the island to the east, about 14 kilometers for divers who are interested can contact the tour online. The diving spots around the island, there are several
– Snorkeling around the Bay Area. Almost all the gulf islands are full of hard corals, the most complete of the live chat Thailand is tricky refuge and breeding of organisms in many ecosystems. All this can be seen just below the surface looking down. Most visitors do not miss out. You must be a snorkeling on the island.


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