At present, the modern lifestyle and new technology has made people travel more easily and convenient. But if you’re a first-time tourist that would like to go out to experience life in a place that you’ve never been, but still hesitate wondering if it’s safe to go alone or will it be dangerous, then today we have a community-based tourism destination for you to experience the way of life of the Pwakin-nyaw hill tribe. You don’t have the trouble of climbing mountains, you can see the charm of the local way of life at the Phrabat Huai Tom community, Amphoe Li, Lamphun province. Interesting things here include the vegetarian village that follows the Buddhist way and a sufficiency lifestyle till becoming well-known as a tourist destination that must be seen and experienced at least once. For tourists that like travelling very easily without any problems, coming to this community can answer your needs very well together with knowing about the Phrabat Huai Tom community.

Travelling to Phrabat Huai Tom community in Amphoe Li takes about 1 hour from the main city because Amphoe Li is not located on a main road. When visiting Chiang Mai province, this place is charming, especially for tourists to come and experience with the intention to really visit. Here, there’s the Ban Huai Tom Handicraft Research Centre in which you can see ancient weaving. Many pieces of woven cloth are unique, in particular from Phrabat Huai Tom where each piece has a story. Every female in the village must be able to weave. Besides this, it’s also a well-known source of processed silverware of the North. If you’re looking for souvenirs for the person you love, then stop by to visit the products at the Handicraft Research Centre because there are not only souvenirs that you can take home, but also the income from the sales will go to the community to develop it to be sustainable.

An interesting activity that shouldn’t be missed after visiting the study centre and have bought some souvenirs is staying at a homestay of the Pwakin-nyaw people and join in having a very delicious vegetarian Khantoke dinner that would be really enjoyed by vegetarians.  However, non-vegetarians are also impressed and never forget this. Then it’s time to relax because the activity on the following day is to wake up early to give alms of savoury food and vegetables to the monks, which is the only place in Thailand that gives alms of fresh vegetables  where the items to offer can be bought at the morning market in front of the temple.  Almsgiving is divided into two times: about 6 a.m. when sweet savoury food is offered and at 8 a.m. when fresh vegetables are offered. The local people will stop working to give alms and dress in traditional clothing that they have woven themselves and have beautiful patterns, and will wear them especially on Buddhist holy days. We saw that the local people join together to dress to go to the temple. This was a very warm friendly image full of faith and adoration for Buddhism.

After offering alms, the next activity was cycling around the village because this was very peaceful. Also, Phrabat Huai Tom is a very large community in which tourists can cycle around the village conveniently. Start at Muban Nam Bo Noi that’s not too far from Phrabat Huai Tom community, and from Muban Nam Bo Noi, you can see Phra Mahathat Chedi Sri Wiang Chai that is stunning and very impressive with the serenity of the village that makes the mind relax. The golden light of the Phrathat with the red rays of the sunset creates an impression that you’ll never forget.

Muban Phrabat Huai Tom is a place that visitors can relax and learn about the local people’s way of life. Coming to spend time here to relax, we guarantee that you’ll receive inspiration in living life with a new perspective that can be adapted for you to enjoy for sure. We guarantee that females will like this trip where they can spend life chilling out because there are numerous fun activities that are safe at a reasonable price.  If you want to travel alone but are still afraid, then come to Ban Phrabat Huai Tom, which is a place you’ll chose and you’ll take something back with you besides only visiting here for sure.