PTT Metro Forest Learning Center

City dwellers may think that they have to travel miles out into distant rural areas to find a source  of information about forests, but this couldn’t further from the truth. There is actually  a simulated forest located in the city which enables visitors to learn about “ecological forests” and helps raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural resources.

PTT Metro Forest Learning Center has transformed 12 rai (19,200 sqm) of deserted land on Sukhaphiban Road into a green space for learning. Three quarters of this total area is taken up by an abundant ecological forest and, more importantly, a simulation of the type of forest that existed in Bangkok in the past. Before the capital city became the concrete jungle  it is today, the area was home to over 250 species of rare traditional plants. When visiting the centre, those from younger generations can learn how urban development has destroyed such valuable resources without realizing their importance. Of the remaining 25% of the area not taken up by the forest, 15% is reserved for water resources and 10% houses the all-important educational buildings.

Besides getting to know about Bangkok’s original abundant ecological forest areas, visitors will be able to admire hundreds of species of plants from a 10.2-meter high, 200-meter long skywalk, which leads to        the 23-meter high forest observation tower, offering magnificent tree-top views out over the entire forest. A glance down below will prove what          an abundance of plant life there is here as young plants sprout forth from the soil ready to become the sturdy trees of the next generation.

Visitors here can experience the majesty of nature and the flourishing condition of this 12 rai plot of land is a great example of why we need to preserve nature and what wonderful results our efforts to preserve it can yield.

Highlight Activities

  • Admire various plant species on a 10-meter high skywalk.
  • Witness the forest’s beauty from a treetop perspective 23 meters above the ground at the forest observation tower.

Best Time to Visit

  • Open Tuesday-Sunday (Closed on Monday) 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

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Metro Forest by PTT

  • 81 Sukhaphiban 2 Road, Dok Mai Subdistrict, Praw et District, Bangkok 10250

  • 0 2136 6380


  • ศูนย์เรียนรู้ป่าในกรุง โดยสถาบันปลูกป่าและระบบนิเวศ ปตท.

*Visitors can book the date and time of their visit 3 days in advance Website :

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