Muang Kluang Community

Surrounded by natural mangrove forests in Ka Poe District, Ranong, Muang Kluang Community is a small community that integrates the local ways of life with the abundance of the widespread natural mangrove forests to sustainably coexist and depend upon each other.

With a chance to visit Muang Kluang Community, travelers will be able to experience the way of life of local fishery, a local wisdom inherited over generations. By cruising on a flatboat or locally known as Ruea Phrit down Khlong Lat Not (Lat Not Canal), they can also embrace the pristine mangrove forests while learning the natural ecosystem of mangrove forests that spread over an area of 10,000 rais (16 sq km), and admiring the scenic view of Ao Ka Poe. Then, drop by San Sai Ma Nam to join the locals in planting mangrove forests to serve as a natural nursing ground for aquatic animals before continuing to Laem Son Community to observe the local way of life of local fishermen and enjoy tasting various fresh seafood menus straight off Krachang (floating fish keeping nets) ranging from soft-shell crabs, shells, squid, blue swimming crabs, natural oysters and many other kinds of fish, best dipped with zesty dipping sauce and paired with young cashew leaves, a major economic crop of the region.

On top of the delightful experience with the beautiful nature of mangrove forests and fresh seafood savories, the most important thing travelers may learn during their trip to Muang Kluang Community is the harmonious and sustainable living of humans and nature. By safeguarding the abundance of mangrove forests from being destroyed, villagers also benefit from aquatic animals that grow in the area that they help preserve either as food or as an income-generating channel. Travelers, too, can contribute their parts to inherit sustainability and these ways of life by supporting local products, planting mangrove forests, saving the environment, and not creating waste. More highlight activities not to miss are wet rafting and swimming at “San Lang Bueng Kue” or “San Lang King Kue”, which is a sand dune of Tha Le Waek (separated sea). Staying at a homestay of local villagers, travelers can slowly appreciate the way of life of this century-old ancient Muslim community and learn wonderful lessons from local wisdom.

Highlight Activities

  • Take a flatboat ride to learn the natural ecosystem of mangrove forests.
  • Experience the way of life of local fishery, which is local wisdom.
  • Try wet rafting to swim at the sand dune of Tha Le Waek, locally called “San Lang Bueng Kue” or “San Lang King Kue”.

Best Time to Visit

  • During November to March recommended (check the weather before traveling).

Nearby Attractions

  • Khlong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary   (Map)

  • Laem Son National Park (Map)

    8 a.m.-4.30 p.m.

  • Khao Kwai Bay, Ko Phayam Island  (Map)

  • Raksa Warin Hot Spring  (Map)

  • Eco-Logic Resort (Map)

    9 a.m.-10 p.m.


Muang Kluang Community

  • Sub District Administration Organization 100 Petchkasem Road, Tambon Muang Kluang, Amphoe Kapoe, Ranong 85120

  • 0 7786 1623