Green Activity

Tree top adventure park


Thailand’s tropical rainforests provide a unique setting for adventure activities while enjoying pristine natural environments. In particular, soft adventure such as adventure courses, ropes courses, zip lines, canopy walks, and other activities using trees (and other high elements in nature such as cliffs) as the primary platform are becoming major attractions for eco tourism.

adventure courses ropes zip lines canopy walks and other activities using trees. Such activities may take on different names but share a common concept in which a collection/circuit of platforms (that are made of wood, ropes, and wires) are installed on high elements. From one platform to another and from tree to tree, participants balance themselves through an assortment of games such as rope bridges, tarzan swings, flying skateboards, and giant zip lines.
In addition, personal safety equipments are used in combination with the platforms to provide safely controlled environments.

Personal safety equipments which include harnesses, carabiners, and pulleys originated from alpine mountain exploration and rock climbing in Europe but have evolved to become recreational equipment for soft adventure as well. A mandatory safety demonstration is provided for participants who follow and pass the training before proceeding to the actual adventure course. With the safety and natural concept in hand, fun adventure courses are no longer limited to perceived extreme enthusiasts. Everyone can now enjoy Thailand’s natural environments while at the same time respecting and protecting it.