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Provide a Safe Haven for Marine Animals


Provide a Safe Haven for Marine Animals
Ban Thong Tom Yai, Amphoe Sawi, Chumphon
A small effort from us can help conserve the natural resources so that there will not only be “some” left, but there will be an “abundance” of them for futuregenerations to see and enjoy like we do today.
A coastal community in which the majority of the villagers are fishermen, Ban Thong Tom Yai is blessed with a profusion of anexceptional diversity of marine life in Ao Thong Tom. Whether it is due to the natural or manmade causes, the abundance of natural resources may not last forever. The villagers of Ban Thong Tom Yai are aware of that fact and are actively working together to conserve the precious marine ecosystem within the area. While staying at the homestay with the local villagers, visitors can explore the Thai culture and the fisherman’s way of life, as well as help with the conservation activity by building fish houses to provide marine animals with a safe haven.
ABOUT Fish Houses
          A local wisdom of the Thai fisherman that has been passed on for many generations, afish house or “Sang” is a simplified artificial reef that attracts aquatic animals, and serves as spawning and nursing grounds. A shelter for the marine life, fish houses also help protectyoung fish from strong currents and predators. The structure of the fish house is made by sticking bamboo sticks and coconut palm leaf stalks to the seabed to form a pyramid shape, in which the top of the pyramid projects above the water. In order to expand the marine organisms, the fish houses are marked as the conservation zone where fishing activities are prohibited.
Build Fish Houses
The fish houses are built in the bay not far from the homestay,and visitors can join the villagers to the sea and help buildthe fish houses.In June of every year, the villagers led by the local Buddhist monks conduct a “sea ordination ceremony” to raise awareness to the local people of the importance of marine conservation. As a symbol, the monk wraps the monk’s robe around the top of the fish houses to signify the sacred status, which means that people should refrain from fishing in the territory.
Homestay Experience
Tong Tom Yai Homestay features a wooden stilt house that extends right into the sea.There are numerous activities that visitors can enjoy; such as, tasting delicious seafood delicacies, learning squidfishing techniques, andsnorkelling to observe a variety of fish and a plethora of rare seahorses, which indicates how healthy the marine ecosystem is around the area. When the water is clear, lucky visitors can see the seahorses that inhabit the stilts that support the house.

Example of aProgramme of the 3 Days 2 Nights Package
Day 1
Afternoon: Kayak to explore the beautiful natural surrounding.
Day 2
Morning: Build fish houses.
Afternoon: Enjoy snorkelling in the bay.
Day 3
Morning: Explore the local fisherman’s way of life.
Afternoon: Relax or enjoy other activities before leaving.
Remark: The above programme is only an exampleof what is to be expected and is subject to change, depending on the weather conditions and other circumstances. 

GPS: N 10° 12.809' E 99° 12.328'

Accommodation: Homestay

Recommended length of stay: 3 days and 2 nights.

Prices: 1,700 Baht for 2 nights’ accommodation and 8 meals.


Remark: It is recommended that visitors to Ban Thong Tom Yai use a tour guide, as there may be a language barrier.



Contact Information:

Tong Tom Yai Homestay

31/2 Mu 1 Tambon Dan Sawi, Amphoe Sawi, Chumphon 86130

Tel. +668 1345 6743