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69 Stations of Tree Top Adventure - Xtrem Adventure Phuket


Xtrem Adventure Phuket is one of the destination for real adventurers who love climbing trees. The activities were designed by specialists from France who have experiences in designing the same kind of activity in Europe and Asia. In Asia, Xtrem Adventure Phuket was opened secondly after that in Hongkong which was opened in 2010. We can ensure your safety. Moreover, we are very concerned about the environment. We used the design that would not harm or have any negative effect on the trees and surrounding environments. The activity is not only fun and adventurous, but it also provides you with the different view of Phuket which is the abundant forests you have never seen before.
There are 69 stations throughout the park. You might wonder if it is possible to conquer all the stations. Don't worry. We have divided them into 6 routes in which you can choose by yourself. The levels of difficulty arevaried by the routes. You can choose the route based on your age, mental and physical capacity. You can choose the easy levels which are suitable for all genders at any age above 4 years old or the extreme level in which you need to overcome yourself through the challenging route. All these levels will get the adrenaline flowing which can indicates how happy and excited you are.
To Participate
All stations require participants to climb, hang and swing from trees to trees in many different ways depending on each station. You can choose the levels varied by difficulty and time.
In this kind of activity, participants need to ask themselves how much they can take every time. If you feel like it is too much, it is alright to quit or take a break. You should not force yourself and never force children to play or it would turn into a terrible memory. However, for some people, it is a great way to help getting over their fears and low self-esteem issue.
54/17 Moo 6 T. Chalong, A.Muang, Phuket, 83130, Thailand
For more information please contact tel. 0 7638 368908 1536 8909
Open daily 10.00-18.00
Directions: From Sa Phan Thaksin Bridge, go on highway no.402 until you see Bangkoo Intersection. Then, turn right onto the same road until you reach Dara Samut Intersection. Take high way no.4022 and 4021 (Chao Fah Road - West) for approximately 6 km. Turn right to Yortor Porkor Baan Chalong Road and drive on for 750 km. Turn left (before reaching Luang Pu Supa Temple) and go on for about 300 meters.