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Make a Difference to the Children’s Lives

Phang Nga

Make a Difference to the Children’s Lives
Amphoe Khura Buri, Phang-nga
Teaching English to the children not only enables them to have a first-hand experience of learning from native speakers, but also provides them with the possibilities for their better future.
Khura Buri is thenorthernmost district of Phang-nga province and is situated on the coast of the Andaman Sea. In early2005, theNorth Andaman Tsunami Relief was founded to aid the local communities that hadbeen devastated by the Tsunami. Years have passed with numerous relief projects successfully implemented, and theorganisation later changed its name to Andaman Discoveries and has supportedthe locals throughsustainable community-based tourism and education.
 Phang-nga province is a tourist destination that is full of incredible natural wonders; thus, it is likely that many of the children will make a living in the tourism industry. Being able to speak and understand English will be a competitive advantage in the children’s career. Andaman Discoveries hasbeen working in partnership with Khura Buri’s local schools in providing volunteers to help teach English to the students for several years. At the school, volunteers are focused on teaching the children to read, write, and speak English through interactive activities, but volunteers with special skills can also arrange to add these bonuses into the lesson plans.
The opportunity to interact with English-speaking volunteers will help improve the children’s confidence, and the chance to learn the correct English pronunciation from the native speakers will make a tremendous impact on their lives.
ABOUT Khura Buri’s Diverse Ethnicity
            A melting pot of cultures where people of different ethnicities live together harmoniously, Khura Buri comprises Thai-Buddhist, Thai-Muslim, Moken, as well as the Burmese communities. The majorityof the locals have beeninvolved in agriculturaland fishing activities for many generations. The Moken or the sea gypsiesenjoys their peaceful seaside way of life, while the Burmese, who have migratedto Khura Buri, are employed in the fishing or rubber plantation industries. Even though the Moken speaks Yawi dialect and the migrants from Myanmar speak Burmese, they havealso learnedto speak the Southern Thai dialect,so everyone can easily communicate. The Burmese children are also given the opportunity to attend local Thai schools.
Teaching at Ban Thung Rak Chai Phat School
Offering classes from kindergarten to primary school, theBan Thung Rak Chai Phat School provides volunteers with the opportunity to teach English to the children of different age groups. Volunteers are partnered with a Thai teacher or sometimes conduct lessons alone. The on-site accommodation allows volunteers to spend quality time with the Thai teachers and learn more about Thai culture.
Teaching at Ban Bang Tip School
TheBan Bang Tip School differs from other local government schools inthat the Thai-Buddhists, Thai-Muslims, and Burmese students are studying together in the same class. Volunteers not only help improvethe students’ English by teaching, but also play a vital role in helping the children to understand that no matter what their background is, everyone can learn and be happy together.

Example of aDaily Schedule
7.00 a.m.: Volunteers are picked up to go toschool by the school bus.
8.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.: Volunteers usually teach two or three 50-minute classes a day, depending on the schedule.
3.30 p.m. onwards: After school, volunteers can spend time playing sports at the school with the Thai teachers or learning aboutThai culturewith the locals.
·         The above schedule is only an exampleof what is to be expected and is subject to change, depending on the circumstances.
·         The weekends are free for the volunteers to explore the beautiful places around the area.

Nearby Attractions
Muko Surin National Park
            Situated around 60 kilometres from the Khura Buri Pier, theMuko Surin National Park is an unspoiled archipelago with amazing diving opportunities, in which visitors can enjoy snorkelling or diving to marvel at the spectacular coral reefs. Non-divers can also enjoy lazing on the beach, hiking along the natural trails, or exploring the sea gypsy village.
Ko Phra Thong
            An island with unique topography, Ko Phra Thong comprises mangrove forest tothe east, astunning beach tothe west, and a large expanse of magnificent savannah in the middle. The best time to visit Ko Phra Thong is early morning and late afternoon during the dry season when the grasslands turn golden brown. Visitors to Ko Phra Thong depart from the Khura Buri Pier, which takes around 1 hour to get to the island.
Namtok Tam Nang
            Situated in theSi Phang-nga National Park, which is around 30 minutes away from the centre of Khura Buri town, Namtok Tam Nang is a beautiful 60-metre-high waterfall that drops into a majestic plunge pool. On the way to the waterfall, visitors can enjoy walking through the lush forest that is endowed with a variety of bird species.
Khlong Sangne
Also known as the Little Amazon, Khlong Sangneis a canal that is set amidst the unspoiled natural paradise. Visitors can take a canoe trip along the canal to explore the peaceful surroundings, which is shaded by natural curtains of countless banyan trees, most of which have been around for over a hundred years. The Little Amazon is located in Amphoe Takua Pa, which is situated around a one-hour drive from Amphoe Khura Buri.
Andaman Discoveries Head Office’sGPS: N 9° 11.232' E 98° 24.914'
Accommodation:On-site accommodation for the volunteers at theBan Thung Rak Chai Phat School, and anapartment located in the central part of Khura Buri town for the volunteers at theBan Bang Tip School.
Recommended length of stay:Minimum of 2 weeks is required for the benefit of both the students and the volunteers.
Prices:8,900 Baht for 2 weeks volunteering at theBan Thung Rak Chai Phat School.
14,700 Baht for 2 weeks volunteering at theBan Bang Tip School.
Remark: Please check with Andaman Discoveries for more information on the prices.
Contact Information:
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120/2 Mu 1, Tambon Khura, Amphoe Khura Buri, Phang-nga 82150
Tel.+668 7917 7165