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Paintball Park


Paintball can be superficially regarded as a violent game, players are like gladiators slaying one another. However, if ones have a chance to involve in the game themselves, they will find numerous benefits of this game. It creates harmony, teamwork, and leadership. Therefore, many organizations have encouraged their employees to join the game for entertainment and training their skills.
Paintball Park is the perfect field where gun fighters who love to fire bullets to one another usually visit. With the location as the resort town that tourists love to comeall year round, Paintball Park is a place that visitors can have experience with players from foreign countries.
The field has quite a vast space. The area is divided into 2 small fields for privacy of the visitors who come in groups. Each field can receive 30 players. It is brilliantly designed to present the realistic fighting atmosphere of the natural battle, with bunkers for hiding all over the field. Every player in the game will have important equipment which is “a mask” to protect his eyes and face from getting hurt. As for the body, players wear bullet-proof vests to prevent themselves from getting stained by colored bullets. It also helps diminish the bullet force when hitting the player as well. Even the bullet is not that dangerous, if hitting the skin without any protection, it can cause a little bruise as a tourist souvenir back home.
How to Play
In Paintball, players should shoot the opponent within the distance not shorter than 5 meters, since it can cause injury. When the bullets hit the opponent, shout out “You’re dead” to notify him. Then, he will have to quit the game.
When hearing the warning “You’re dead” from the opponent, or being shot already, the player must put one hand on his head, and hold his gun into the air as a sign of acknowledgement. If that player doesn’t abide by the rule, he may be severely attacked by the opponent players. This is because some of the opponents may be unsure whether that player is hit or not, so they shoot that player again to be sure.
Paintball Park
Located at 248/10 Moo 12, Thepprasit Rd., Tambon Nongprue, Amphoe Banglamung, Chonburi 20260
For more information, please contact 0 3830 0608, 08 9932 4897
Or e-mail
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Transportation: From Bangkok, drive along Motorway. Take Highway no.7, then, drive to nearly the end of the road. You will see the interchange, take the left turn which curves round under the interchange. Go along Highway no.36 until reaching Highway no.3 (Sukhumvit Line). Turn left, drive further approximately 11 kilometers until reaching Thepprasit junction. Turn right, and drive along Thepprasit Road. It takes around 1.5 kilometers. Turn left into Soi Thepprasit, and continue drive for 400 meters.