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Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Centre


Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Centre

          Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Centre is situated on the coast of Chanthaburi Province and was established in 1981 as a result of His Majesty the King’s concern about the deterioration of the mangroves. His Majesty recognised the importance of the mangroves to people’s lives and sought to rehabilitate the fisheries and mangrove forests in this region and maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystems. Besides the development of coastal marine resource management and sustainable ecosystems in the region, the Centre’s goal is to promote the preservation of natural resources for the local people and visitors.

Activities within the Site

Study the Mangroves on the Nature Trail

          A 1.6-km. nature trail takes visitors to 10 pavilions which serve as information stations that explain forest resource management, the links between the mangroves and the associated organisms, and the dependence of the fisheries on the complete mangrove system.

Kayaking Trip

          Visitors are invited to take a kayaking trip and meander through the mangroves to get a close-up experience with nature.

Bird-watching Tower

          The natural resources at Ao Khung Kraben attract many species of birds which visitors can view from bird-watching towers.

Spotting the Sea Cow

          A true sanctuary for marine life, Ao Khung Kraben has an abundance of food. If lucky, visitors may see dugongs, an endangered sea cow species, which occasionally visit the bay for seagrass.

Visit the Aquarium

          The aquarium features four groups of local marine life from local and nearby areas. The groups are commercial fish, ornamental fish, coral reef fish, and exotic fish. Amongst the highlights are stingrays, puffer-fish, and seahorses.

Interesting Info

          Mangrove forests cannot become too dense as this causes a deficiency in sunlight and oxygen for marine life. Those mangrove trees that are cut to create more space are not wasted as they are used to make mangrove wood charcoal.

Learn & Earn 

          The fertile mangrove forests and abundance of aquatic animals at the Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Centre makes this centre an ideal recreational and educational place. The Centre’s efforts illustrate that better standards of living for local people can be achieved without damaging the environment and natural resources.

Khung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Centre’s Information


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For more information, please contact:

Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study

Centre: +66 (39) 433 216-8

Remark: It is recommended that visitors to the Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Centre use a tour guide, as there may be a language barrier.

Recommended Time to Visit:

The Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Centre can be visited all year round.

How to Get There:

From Sukhumvit Road, head towards the Chanthaburi city centre and at the 301st km. marker, turn right to Highway 3399. Look for the sign to the Khung Kraben Bay Royal Development Study Centre.

N 12° 34’ 13” E 101° 54’ 00”