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Thale Noi Agro-tourism Centre


Thale Noi Agro-tourism Centre

          Amphoe Khuan Khanun of Phatthalung Province embraces a lake so big that it is called ‘Thale Noi’ (little sea). Thale Noi is renowned for its tranquility, the beauty of its natural surroundings, and amongst bird-watchers as the home of different types of waterfowl.

          The rich diversity of the ecosystem at Thale Noi and the way of life of the local people are inter dependent and create a perfect food chain. Poles cut from the swamp that the fishing communities stick in the mud to secure their fishing nets become perches for birds and anchorage for floating vegetation; such as, reeds. The birds use the poles to rest on and their droppings become a rich source of nutrients for the plants. The plants provide shelter and food for fish, and the birds and the locals eat the fish.

          Visitors to the Thale Noi Agro-tourism Centre learn about this intriguing ecosystem and the various ways in which the locals use the natural resources.

Activities within the Site

Thale Noi Bird Sanctuary

          The Thale Noi Bird Sanctuary is the largest of its kind in Thailand and is the first non-hunting area in the country. Regarded as one of the most popular bird-watchingm destinations, visitors can observe over 150 species of waterfowl; such as, Purple Swamphen, Lesser Whistling Duck, and Painted Stork.

Exploring the Fishing Communities' Way of Life

          Fishing communities at Thale Noi start their day early and visitors can join them on their trip to Khlong Nang Riam, a canal that connects Thale Noi to Songkhla Lake. Khlong Nang Riam is where the ‘Yo Yak’ or the giant square fishnets are dropped to catch the fish. Visitors can simply observe or learn the ‘Yok Yo’ technique, which involves raising the traps from the water to collect the fish.

Boat Tour

          The boat tour around Thale Noi allows visitors to marvel at the beauty of countless water lilies and lotuses carpeting the surface of the lake. These naturally growing water plants are mostly pink, but whites and purples are also found, providing a colourful contrast to the crystal clear water of the lake.

Capturing the Moment of Tranquility

          A 5.45-km.-long bridge was built spanning the lake to connect Amphoe Khuan Khanun of Phatthalung province and Amphoe Ranot of Songkhla province in commemoration of His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary. The scenery on both sides of this bridge is especially fascinating at sunset when visitors can see the reflection of the sky on the water’s surface from various viewpoints on the bridge. If lucky, visitors can catch glimpses of the water buffaloes and waterfowl as well.

Thale Noi Krachut Weaving Village

          Thale Noi is not only endowed with water lilies and lotuses but also many kinds of reeds. One of the most commonly found reeds is ‘krachut’ or bulrush, which the women of Thale Noi harvest from the waters and weave into a variety of handicraft products. A trip to the Krachut Weaving Village allows visitors to observe the skillful transformation of krachut into beautifully woven floor mats, hats, and other products.

Interesting Info

          Yo is a unique square-shaped fishnet with four corners tied to a handle made of bamboo in a cross pattern. Small Yo is used to catch fish in still and shallow water whereas giant Yo is used in deep water.

Khlong Pak Pra Homestay

          Apart from providing friendly and comfortable accommodation, Khlong Pak Pra Homestay also serves as a learning centre where visitors can develop an awareness of the history and customs of the people of Thale Noi, its ecosystem and agricultural activities, and the fishing communities’ way of life, as well as learn to cook and taste the delicious local cuisine.

          - From Amphoe Khuan Khanun, take the Thale Noi - Lam Pam Road and the Khlong Pak Pra Homestay is situated at the 11th km. marker.

N 07° 43’ 48” E 100° 08’ 38”

Learn & Earn 

          Thale Noi is a place of astonishing natural beauty where people and an amazing variety of plants, animals, and birds live together in harmony. The delicate balance of the ecosystem coupled with the locals’ commitment to conservation of the  natural resources has led Thale Noi to be Thailand’s richest wetland and a haven for waterfowl. The Thale Noi Agro-tourism Centre provides opportunities for visitors to learn and understand the concept of well-balanced ecosystem.

Thale Noi Agro-tourism Centre Information


  - Homestay

  - Long-tail Boats

For more information, please contact:

Ban Khlong Pak Pra: +66 (81) 748 8271

Remark: It is recommended that visitors to the Thale Noi Agro-tourism Centre use a tour guide, as there may be a language barrier.

Recommended Time to Visit:

December-April: Pink lotus is in full bloom and this is the time to see the migratory birds gathering in the area. 

Remark: The Thale Noi Agro-tourism Centre can be visited all year round.

How to Get There:

From Amphoe Mueang Phatthalung, take Highway 4048 and proceed through Amphoe Khuan Khanun and Talat Pak Khlong to reach Thale  Noi, a total distance of 32 km.

N 07° 47’ 23” E 100° 07’ 27”

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