Green Attraction

Masi Camp


Amphoe MuekLek, Saraburi province, is another destination with stunning scenery of grasslands and mountain ranges. For this reason, there are many beautiful resorts, especially in the American Wild West style. Masi Camp Resort is one of them that has replicated this kind at atmosphere tor tourists to come and relax in various styles of accommodation in accordance with each individual's preference.

At the same lime, there are 10 outstanding challenging activities of adventure that can create teamwork for those who come as a group, especially if they come for a seminar. This is considered extremely appropriate as besides being fun. the activities offer a lot of benefits; such as. working together and creating unity. The activities comprise Cliffhangers, Land Ski, Ants with Moving Shelters, Spiders with Beloved Eggs, Chinese Steps, Stairs lo Heaven, Attack of the Commando, Wall of Life, Wheeled Bridge, and Bell Tower. But it coming in a small group or as a couple, don't worry you won't be bored because there are still various kinds of fun activities; such as. ATV Riding, Archery, and Horse Riding around the resort. At night, there is a cowboy and Indian show with a campfire.

Besides fun activities, Masi Camp Resort has different styles of rooms and atmosphere tor you to choose from including a cowboy's cabin, cowboy town. wagon. Mexican house, Indian teepee, etc.

 How to Have Fun

There are 10 different activities of adventure that are on land and use a rope for climbing. Participants must rely on coordinating together In participating in the activities.


These kinds of activities are very safe and participants will not be too afraid of the challenge they offer, as We activities focus more on teamwork and cooperation.

Masi Camp Resort

 189 Mu 10, Mittraphap Road, Tambon Mitraphap, Amphoe Muak Lek, Saraburi 18180

For further information, please contact
Tel.: 0 3634 2525, 0 3622 6121
Open daily 10.00-17.00 Hrs.

Getting There:

From Bangkok, follow Highway No 1 and connect to Highway Mo. 2. Along the way, look for Khru To's restaurant and turn left into the road beside the restaurant and continue on tor 400 metres.