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Lake Heaven


Heaven Resort and Park is known as the Maldives of Kanchana┬Čburi and most of the accommodation is located on the most beautiful rafts of Srinarganrindra Dam amidst a peaceful atmosphere. Also the scenery is really stunning stretching out to the mountains that act as the

The interesting aspect of Lakeside Heaven is its well-known location for the impressive scenery of this heavenly lake. It also has recreational activities waiting to welcome tourists that are excellent and cannot be compared, as they are different from other places; such as, a variety of water-based equipment that all ages can have fun with like canoes, kayaks, banana boats, paddle boats, and new amusements like a trampoline, water balloon that floats on top of the water, sea horse that is for kids to enjoy, and slider. Besides this, there are other challenging amusements that rely on a boat for towing similar to a banana boat with a ski cable, but provide lots of extreme fun. These are circular like a doughnut or rubber lyre, so people who like to lie on their stomach can hold onto the boat and will be dragged over the top of the water, which is tremendous fun.

How to Have Fun

The most outstanding activities of varied categories are water-based with a focus on fun like a balloon, so participating is not complicated except for the equipment that relies on a boat or jet ski for towing.


For the water-based activities of Lake Heaven, each time you go into the water please wear a life jacket that can assist you when swimming. This is especially so for kids that are to be under the care of their parents all the time.

Lake Heaven Resort and Park

241 Mu 5, Tambon Tha Kradan, Amphoe Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi 71250

For further information, please contact
Tel.: 08 4387 6771, 08 4387 6773


Open daily 09.00-17.00 Hts.

Getting There:

From Bangkok, follow Highway No. 338 (Borommaratchachonnani) or Highway No. 4 (Phetchakasem), passing Nakhon Pathom. Go to the left and cross the bridge going over the intersection and head for Kanchanaburi. Continue on by following Highway No. 323 to Kanchanaburi and then change onto Highway No. 3199. At the Srinagarindra Ham, follow the route for about 10.9 kilometres and turn left before reaching Wat Mong Krathae and continue on for about 270 metres.