Green Attraction


Nakhon Nayok

Today the interest in Nakhon Nayok comes from its various activities that are located in the area. These have encouraged increasing numbers of people to visit. Riding an ATV is another activity that provides a travel opportunity of fun, and the venue that we would like to recommend is R. ATV that is located on the Nakhon Nayok - Namtok Nang Rong Road, an important tourist route of Nakhon Nayok.

R. ATV offers a variety of choices for interested people to ride by taking into consideration their lime and ability. If you have a limited time or would just like to get to know this activity, then there is a short route that takes about 1 hour. Within the area of more than 100 raid. there are waterfalls, streams, fruit orchards in which tourists can taste the fruit in season while riding, and feeding more than 200 deer.

For the other route, this will be somewhat aggressive, as it is in the off-road style that is suitable for those people who love Adventure Tourism and unspoiled nature. The condition of the route has been adapted lo be an off-road route that lakes a shortcut to follow the landscape of Khao Yai National Park. The distance is 7 kilometres, but is full of obstacles with bends, knolls, hollows, and streams. But the thing that you will encounter is experiencing the unspoiled nature at the forest. And it you go during summer, it will be quite hot. This route provides a challenging lesson In physical and mental strength.

How to Have Fun

Every time you start the vehicle, you should have the brake on for safety reasons. In the case that the vehicle is made by a manufacturer, then It will have a safety system and if the brake is not on. then the vehicle will not start.


In ridding an ATV on the nature route, especially on a sanctuary, riders should use the rout in which they have been given permission to ride only because if going off the specific route, this will create an impact on the various species of wildlife and plant life inhabiting the area.


3/3Mijl.Tambon Sarika Amphoe Mueang, Nakhon Nayok 26000

For further information, please contact

Tel.: 08 4945 0077. 08 5949 7074, 08 9809 0057
Open daily 08.00-18.00 Hrs.

Getting There:

From Bangkok, follow Highway No. 305 (Rangsit - Nakhon Nayok) to Nakhon Nayok. Then take Highway No. 3049 (Nakhon Nayok - Namtok Nang Rong) and the final destination is at Km. 16 on the left-hand side.