Green Attraction

Emerald Pool


Immerse yourself in the green

      Very often, natural attractions are named in a hyperbolic way. Words such as golden, heaven, or an array of precious stones are there to pepper the imagination. However, in the case of the Emerald Pool, it is as descriptive as you can get. The water you will find inside the naturally sunken pools varies from sapphirine blue to emerald green, due to its chemical compositions.


      When you arrive at the parking lot at the entrance, don’t get discouraged by the amount of food stalls and people, especially on weekends and festivals. Once you pay the entrance fee (200 Baht for an adult, half price for a child), the 800 m path through the forest will lead you to the first and the most popular pool--the eponymous Emerald Pool. Please note that food and tissue paper are not allowed inside the compound. A wise management decision, since this attraction is relatively clean and well-kept compared to most.


      After working up a sweat from the 800 m walk, dipping into the Emerald Pool (25 m in diameter and 2 m deep) suddenly seems like a good idea. Since the water in this terrain comes seeping from under the ground and is heated by magma, the temperature of the water is about 30-50˚C. You can follow the 500 m elevated wooden trail cutting through the tropical rain forest and primary forest to the Blue Pool, the spot where the crystal clear water originates from.


Birdwatchers’ Dream

      The Emerald Pool compound is under the supervision of the Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary. What is extremely special about this Sanctuary is that it is the only area in Thailand that you might be able to spot, if you are phenomenally lucky, Gurney’s Pitta (Pitta gurneyi). This species of bird is endemic to Thailand and Myanmar and was thought to be extinct until its rediscovery in 1986. One of the rarest birds on the planet, it is estimated that only 10-12 pairs exist in Thailand. Keep your eyes open for other species as well, since there are a number of bird spots scattered on the nature trails. You can get a copy of the map at the Information Centre at the entrance.


      To exit the compound, we recommend that you embark on another longer trail which passes through Sa Kaeo, another pool withteal-coloured water. After the mild hustle and bustle at the Emerald Pool, a walk on the trail is a lovely antidote where you can bask in a meditative atmosphere before leaving the compound. 



      The small natural sunken basins filled with emerald green water are the main attraction. There are also short, easy nature trails cutting through the tropical rain forest. Here is the only place in Thailand the near-extinct birds Gurney’s Pitta are found.



      The calm after getting out of busy Krabi. Since you disengage yourself from the crowd and follow the nature trails, the experience can be peaceful and even meditative.


How To Get There

      From Krabi town, take Highway 4 southeast toward Khlong Thom District. Turn left onto Highway 4038. Turn right at the junction and follow the signs to the Emerald Pool.



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