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Rice Community Enterprise Center


“Rai Ma Kham” (literally means tamarind farm) is the name of community where villagers were tamarind farmers in the past. Since the decreasing of productivity, villagers turned the tamarind farms to rice fields. The yields have been good and promoted by government. Therefore, Rice community enterprise center was established and, then, had become famous. Apart from informing about rice, this center is also a tourist attraction. You will explore how to be farmer by joining the program “a day of being farmer”

Interesting Activities
- Enjoy it for a day as a farmer.
- Sightseeing  with ‘Etak’ cars.
- Make a sacrifice ceremony May the mother bless. and enjoy local cuisine.
- Visit the field yellow flowers and special menu of curry soup.

Community Enterprise Rice Community Center Tambon Makham
Contact: Banphatm Tel. 084-570-5059
Located at 32 Moo 4 Tambol Makhamam Amphoe Banlad, Phetchaburi.
Facebook: Rama Makham Rice Community Center

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