Green restaurant

Tonklar Facai



All dished served in Tonklar Facai, a well-balanced diet restaurant, are prepared by skilful chefs and nutritionists. The restaurant creates its nutritious recipes based on scientific methods, such as Sous Vide, deep frying, Air frying, Cold pressing for juice, and using good quality ingredients such as young sea salt, tea seed oil, and natural sweeteners. “Tonklar Facai” is a part of Dharmanamai Project, which encourages people to take care of their health holistically. That is, people should focus on their physical health and metal health for good quality of life and longevity.

  Nong Khang Phlu Sub-District, Nong Khaem District, Bangkok 10160 Puttamonthon Sai 3 Road (close to Yaowapa Iamjit Building)