Follow the King's Legacy for Sustainability

The grace of the King (Klong Lad Pho flood gate under the royal initiative project of His Majesty the King, Bang Kachao Community, and Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden, Samut Prakan Province)

Samut Prakan

Throughout the reign of His Majesty King Bhumibol, the management of water resources was considered so essential that he started many projects and carried out many studies on doing them.  Klong Lad Phoflood gate under the royal initiative project of His Majesty the King can especially reflect his determination to sustainably reduce water problems for the Thai people.  With the gate that can open and close in according with the tide, the flood problems are alleviated.  Floodwaters can no longer cause problems in the central part of Thailand, the part where water flows to before entering the Gulf of Thailand. 

Klong Lad Pho, or Lad Pho Canal, around the area in Moo 9, Song Khanong Sub-District, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan, was shallow.  With the King’s talent and vision, Klong Lad Pho was transformed to let the water in The Chao Praya River, which meanders and does not drain in to the sea easily, flow into the Gulf of Thailand easier and faster.  Thus, Klong Lad Pho has helped people in the central part of Thailand prevent floods for a long time.  Travelling by the royal barge, the King threw opened Klong Lad Pho flood gate himself and he at the day also opened Bhumibol Bridge 1 and Bhumibol Bridge 2.

Klong Lad Phoflood gate under the royal initiative project offers an enormous advantage as it reduces the distance water has to flow in the Chao Phraya River until it reaches the sea from 18 km to 600 m and reduces the flowing time from 5 hours to just only 10 minutes.  The canal effectively lessens the risk of water overflowing in Bangkok and surrounding areas when water flows from the northern part of Thailand, reducing the level of floodwaters by 5-6 cm and shortening the flooding duration by 1-2 days.  The canal helps drain approximately 60 million cubic metres of floodwaters into the Gulf of Thailand per day and has an ability to produce electricity using water turbines.

There are buildings for educational purposes and parks for recreational purposes around Klong Lad Pho.  Visitors can also walk under the Bhumibol Bridge, which lies along the canal.  From here, we can go to Bang Kachao Community, the Lungs of Bangkok.  Bang Kachao is ranked 7th in the world’s oxygen producers and is considered a popular place for cycling.  There is Bang Namphueng Floating Market, in which people can enjoy trying local foods.  It is certain that you will love Thailand even more when taking a trip through this educational route.

If you do not have your own bicycle when visiting Bang Kachao, you can rent one there as there are several bicycle rental shops.  Visitors can cycle to enjoy bird watching in Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden, or Bang Kachao Park.  The park is like an “oasis” near Bangkok which releases oxygen to freshen the air.  There are many places near the park which you can visit.  Among them is Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery, in which you can enjoy seeing several species of fighting fish.  Also, you can visit Bang Nam Phueng Nok and see many antiques.  If you feel hungry, Bangkok Tree House is a perfect place as you can enjoy your meal amidst large tress providing shade.  Visitors can go to Homemade Coffee and try its signature blended coconut coffee or coconut green tea.  Containing soft coconut meat, the beverages are sweet and creamy.  

After enjoying the meal, Baan Toop Arts and Crafts Store is a good place to visit.  There are activities which you can enjoy, such as making dried herb incense, making indigo-dried fabric, making batik clothes, learning cooking Thai food.  The place is also homestay accommodation for visitors to stay when they are on their holiday journey to follow the King’s footsteps.

Klong Lad Phoflood gate under the royal initiative project of His Majesty the King
Soi Song Khanong 1,  Bang Yo Sub-District, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan
Tel: 06 2573 1

Klong Lad Pho
By road: Use the route to Phra Pradaeng District.  Turn left before Phra Pradaeng Pier onto Phetchahung Road
Bang Kachao Community
By road: Use the route to Klong Lad Pho.  Go along Phetchahung Road, which is the main road in Bang Kachao.
By water: Take a boat from Bang Na Nok Temple, which is not very far from Bangna BTS Station, or take a long-tail boat from Klong Toey Nok Pier to Bang Kachao Pier

A recommended local dish
Samut Prakarn Province’s Bang Bo damsel fish chili paste
the soft meat of damsel fish is processed to spicy chili paste which is perfect with cooked rice 

A 1-day trip
Morning: Traveling to Klong Lad Phoflood gate and visit Museumof Industrial Ring RoadBridge and Bhumibol Bridge to appreciate the work of the King; Kayaking to see people’s way of life along Klong Pae Canal and try local food at Bang Namphueng Floating Market
Afternoon: Cycling at Bang Kachao Community’s Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden amidst nature with fresh air

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