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Support the develop of Local Communities

Visiting a hill-tribe village may be an eye-opening experience to some people, but you can make your visit even more meaningful than just exploring the unique culture and traditions by giving the villagers the opportunity they deserve. Enveloped by the spellbinding natural charm of rolling hills and mountain, Tambon Mae Yao of Chiang Rai province is home to several hill-tribe communities, primarily the Akha and the Lahu tribes. These hill-tribe villagers embrace valuable wisdom and culture, which attract numerous travelers to the sea. The Hill Tribes Development Association, a not-for-profit organization, was established to provide support to the hill-tribe villagers through responsible tourism and volunteering activities to strengthen the communities and to ensure that the precious culture is not lost to modern influences. To really understand one’s culture is to live and learn the way of life. Visitors to Tambon Mae Yao can do more than visiting and exploring the hill-tribes village by participating in a homestay experience, which allows visitors to live, learn, and get to know more about the hill-tribe’s fascinating way of life, On top of that, visitors can help support the development of the community through teaching English to the children or working on building development projects. By volunteering at Tambon Mae Yao, no matter how short or long the time is, your effort will undeniably have a far-reaching impact on both you and the hill-tribe villagers. The Hill Tribes Development Association offers volunteers a choice of an English Teaching Project or a Community Development Projet, or a combination of the two projects. Please discuss with the Hill Tribes Development Association to make arrangement prior to your visit.


English Teaching Project

The English speaking volunteer is a key in the development of the hill-tribe children, who are eager to learn and fun to be with. The English lessons conducted at the local school in a informal approach will help the children to be able to understand basi

Community Development Project

Volunteers that come as a group can lend a hand in helping the villagers on a classroom for the school or constructing; such as, building a classroom for the school or constructing wells or toilets, depending on what is needed during your visit.

Visit Nearby Hill-tribe Villages

During weekends or after that the project is completed, volunteers can spend more time with the host family to gain a deeper understanding of their way of life, or visit nearby villages to explore the culture of the other tribes on the trek and tour progr

Example of a Daily Schedule

  • 8.00 A.M.
  • Breakfast
  • 9.00 A.M.
  • Work on the project
  • 12.00 P.M.
  • Lunch
  • 1.00 P.M.
  • Continue working on the project
  • 3.00 P.M.
  • Teach English or play sports with the local children
  • 6.00 P.M.
  • Dinner
  • Remark: Remark: There are several trak and tour programmes to suit the visitor’s preference, ranging from a 1-to-3day programme. Please check for the prices and make an arrangement with the Hill Tribes Development Association prior to your visit.

Contact Information

  • Hill Tribes Development Association
  • 24 Mu 9, Ban Thung Luang, Tambon Mae Yao, Amphoe Mueang, Chiang Rai 57000
  • Tel. Tel. +668 1765 5352