🌳Nan, a charming city fills with ancient wisdom and

way of life that has been passing on from generation

to generation. The city has been awarded with prizes

such as✨

– Safe Community Award from WHO in 2013

– ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities Awards

in 2017

– ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard 2018-2020


1. Cocoa Valley – A journey to experience the transformation of cacao bean to chocolate bar


2. Doi Silver Museum – The local wisdom of silver craft passes down to generations


3. Bo Klua View – Visit one of Thailand’s highest natural rocksalt ponds and meet with the local salt maker


4. Erabica Coffee House – Sipping the taste of Nan’s Arabica


5. The Noble House of Chao Fongkham – The place where Nan’s ancient way of living is being kept


6. Nan Old Town Cycling Tour


💁🏻‍♀️Please kindly take precautions while traveling. Social distancing is imperative and please wear a mask if you’re in a crowded space. Also, do not forget to wash your hand often. 

👉🏻Take care and stay safe.😷

📱 Website : http://bit.ly/2Xx9mrh

📱 Twitter : https://bit.ly/3seUMml

📱 Instargram : https://bit.ly/2K9PDuI






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