Charm of The lower northern Thailand Trip : Sukhothai – Phitsanulok – Phetchabun

Sukhothai - Phitsanulok - Phetchabun

Charm of The lower northern Thailand Trip Program

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Sukhothai Historical Park

Charm of The lower northern Thailand Trip Program Day 1

  Afternoon • 13.15-18.30: Choose activities according to your preference. • Learn about cultural heritage with local people at Ramkhamhaeng National Museum. • Have a chat with Sangkhalok ware artisan and enjoy with Sangkhalok ware painting. • Indulge yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of the field at Ban Ma Kwid (open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) or visit the tiny cafe around the old town. You can choose to return to your room. • Experience the beautiful sunset at Sukhothai Historical Park.
  Evening • 19.00: Have dinner at Ban Chanchai Restaurant. • 20.15: Return to your accommodation.'/>

Wat Trapang Thong

Day 2: Tombon Mueang Kao Sukhothai – Amphoe Si Satchanalai – Ban Na Tonchan

  Afternoon • 13.45-16.30: Choose activities according to your preference. • Visit Suntree Thai Weaving Center. Learn about hand-woven fabrics. • Visit Ban Thong Som Samai, the first gold shop originating patterns of traditional gold with 99.99 percent pure gold. • 16.30: Visit Ban Na Ton Chan, a tourism community that is renowned for its excellent community-based tourism management. • 17.30: Check in to the hotel.
Evening • 18.00: Enjoy the activity ‘From Farm to Table’ Cooking a variety of Thai dishes with organic vegetable supervised by a local. Auntie will teach you delicious Thai cooking. Various menu. By shopping vegetables. The house is in a compact garden, where you grow aunt and hand with fresh vegetables. Thai food with your own skill. • 19.30: Return to homestay. Relax in the warm atmosphere of a wooden house.'/>

Huai Ton Hai scenic spot

Day 3: Sukhothai Province: Ban Na Ton Chan - Phitsanulok Province

Phitsanulok Ruamjai Market

Day 4: Amphoe Mueang Phitsanulok - Amphoe Khao Kho, Phetchabun Province


Day 5: Amphoe Khao Kho, Phetchabun Province - Bangkok

Afternoon • 13.00: Arrive at Phitsanulok Airport. Check-in with AirAsia Flight FD3305. • 14.15: Heading to Bangkok. • 16.00: Arrive at Bangkok. Enjoy the fun and impress memories from the lower northern Thailand and warm welcome from the villagers throughout the journey.'/>