Khlong Khon Mangrove Forest Conservation Center

For a crystal clear understanding of the importance of the conservation of nature and a healthy ecosystem, a visit to Khlong Khon Mangrove Forest Conservation Center is all that’s required. In the olden days, the state of the Khlong Khon went through a testing period and widespread shrimp farming led to the disappearance of nearly all other marine animals in the area and as a result local fisherman were unable to practice their craft and support their families. Fortunately, local people united and planted mangrove forests and happiness and prosperity returned to the area. Along with the newly planted forests came shrimps, shellfish, crabs, fish and mangrove forest ecosystems gradually returned, making the area a nursery ground for marine animals and a sustainable gift from the Thai ocean.

Khlong Khon tourism activities focus on experiencing a healthy ecosystem and the warm, communal way of life of the inhabitants. Things to do include observing mangrove forest ecosystems and checking out the local way of life and customs, especially their unique method of hopping on a wooden board and sliding across the mud to scoop up cockles and mussels. Visitors can also savour the famous local seafood in a Kra Teng, or floating hut situated in the sea, join a boat tour to an oyster farm, try mud-skiing, plant trees in a mangrove forest or take a cruise to admire the serenity of the area with its host of local wildlife and gangs of fishermen.

These activities offer both entertainment and knowledge for the visitor and are available at friendly prices. Most importantly, they offer the visitor the priceless feeling of being a part of the conservation of nature and ecosystems and give them a new sense of appreciation for our glorious earth.

Highlight Activities

  • Learn the importance of mangrove forest ecosystems.
  • Experience the local ways of life, for example, sliding on a wooden board on the mud to harvest cockles and mussels, enjoying local seafood in a Kra Teng surrounded by the sea, a cruise trip to oyster farms and mud-skiing.
  • Help plant important mango forests.

Best Time to Visit

  • All seasons
  • Seasonal tides may affect some activities Please check the tide time with Khlong KhonMangrove Forest Conservation Center or see the tide table in advance and adjust your travel program accordingly

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Khlong Khon Mangrove Forest Conservation Center

  • Tambon Khlong Khon, Amphoe Mueang SamutSongkhram, Samut Songkhram

  • 08 2794 1956

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